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A List Of 10 Amazing Essay Topics Related To Current Events

Need to write a paper about a current event? Any essay writing process starts with brainstorming for a good topic. There are many events that are controversial and trending, but it helps to get an idea of where to start looking for a good idea. Start by reviewing personal interests and consider which events are things you know about with meaning and purpose. So, don't say "write my paper" for now - here are ideas worth writing and doing additional research so you can add something different and unique to the main idea.

Assessing Current Events

When you think about current events what is the first thing that comes to mind? Depending on where you live it may be something going on in your community. It may also be something at the national or international level that has a big effect on a lot of people. When you need essay help with creating a topic there are many options including sample papers and sharing ideas with peers. As you choose an event to write about think about information that is shared about it and which sources provide it in a useful way that will assist with your writing.

Example Writing Prompts

Some current events are challenging to discuss due to their nature and how it affects people emotionally. Just taking a glance at a local newspaper or news broadcast will present an array of ideas. The best essays have all the ingredients of a great paper with a solid topic idea being of significance. Here are some general ideas for potential writing prompts to review:

  1. Why global warming is an overlooked problem
  2. How climate change could change how people live
  3. Are vehicles getting more expensive?
  4. Is it worth it to buy a new smartphone nowadays?
  5. How to make schools safer
  6. How technology can improve treatment of illnesses like the flu
  7. Is the middle class shrinking and does this hurt or help the economy?
  8. How to sufficiently help your future self
  9. Which scams are on the rise and how to protect yourself
  10. Why people are watching less television

Getting More Creative Ideas

Using news apps is a way to learn about trending topics. As you consider an event note how often information is updated. Some events have updates daily or you may need to consider checking with other sources to learn the full scope and current status. A custom essay is content created from scratch using credible information from a reliable source. Select an event that will make your writing experience worthy.

Quality essay writing starts with the right topic based on what you know and what you’ve been following in the news. If you have international interests consider top stories occurring in other countries. The idea is to find something you know and consider additional sources for research. If the event is something you’ve followed from the start it will be easier to write about from your personal opinion while sharing with others something new you learned.


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